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Join our BOOTCAMP starting on
Monday, May 13th 

No prior coding experience is required

we start at zero, teaching everything.

Personalized mentorship with one-on-one guidance through every step.

Our projects reflect real-world situations, preparing you to discuss in interviews.

Acquire essential soft skills to significantly boost your professional journey.

Career Mentors enhance your interview and negotiation skills.

Transition into
a new career with

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We teach everything from basics, to advanced

In Person or Remote Classes

Affordable tuition for your new path


You've got nothing to lose!

At CyberVault, we offer a 14-day unconditional guarantee for your peace of mind.

Try out our content and training worry-free. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, just reach out to us within the guarantee period and we'll refund 100% of your investment, no hassle.

We're committed to your satisfaction and success.

Transform Your Carrer like our students did


Sera Aboagye
Cloud Security Engineer

CyberVault Bootcamp went beyond what I anticipated! The instructors were both knowledgeable and supportive, fostering a dynamic learning setting. The curriculum was meticulously organized, addressing practical industry-relevant skills. The hands-on projects offered valuable real-world experience. In summary, it was an excellent learning journey that equipped me for a successful tech career.


Bola Ojetokun
Cyber Security Engineer

 I'm currently a student at Cybervault. Prior to joining this class, I worked as a DevOps engineer. Initially, I anticipated challenges, but thankfully, I had dedicated and knowledgeable instructors like Leo, Mohammed, Ankit, Pavan, and the rest of the team, who made the learning process incredibly smooth.

Upon completing the course, we dove into a project that simulated real-world environments. Throughout the interview process, their unwavering support made everything easier. Now, having landed a job, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities ahead.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team and staff. Thank you all, and may you be blessed.

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Ashley Wilson
Security Analyst

I was able to watch recording of classes most of the time because I was busy all day taking care of the kids and after completing projects and studying hard I was able to get the job offer $135K salary  in my first interview! 
I just want to thank all CyberVault team for their support and motivation.


Have landed jobs at leading companies such as

  • What is the bootcamp?
    The bootcamp is a comprehensive cybersecurity training program designed for individuals without a technical background. It includes hands-on projects, 1-on-1 mentorship, and real-world applications.
  • Does CyberVault have two courses?
    Yes! We have the Cybersecurity Analyst course, which lasts for 4 months, and the Cloud Security Engineer course, which lasts for 6 months.
  • What positions can I apply for after graduating from the Cybersecurity Analyst course?
    You can apply for the following positions: Cybersecurity Analyst SOC Analyst Information Security Analyst Incident Responder Vulnerability Analyst Threat Intelligence Analyst Cloud Security Analyst Endpoint Security Analyst
  • What positions can I apply for after graduating from the Cloud Security Engineer course?
    You can apply for the following positions Azure Security Engineer Cloud Security Engineer M365 Security Engineer Cybersecurity Engineer IAM Engineer Information Security Engineer
  • I have no prior IT knowledge. Can I still enroll in this course?
    Absolutely! Our program is tailored for beginners with no prior IT experience. Our instructors guide you through the fundamentals and hands-on projects to ensure a successful learning experience.
  • Do I need to have an IT background or experience to join your classes?
    No absolutely not, most of our students with no IT background were able to land a cybersecurity job after successful completion of the school.
  • How do the 1-on-1 mentorship sessions work?
    Our 1-on-1 mentorship sessions provide personalized guidance and support from experienced instructors. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and learning pace, enhancing your understanding of the material.
  • Do I get a certificate upon graduation?
    Yes, CyberVault provides a certificate upon successful completion of the Bootcamp.
  • How long does it takes to land a cybersecurity job after graduation?
    On average, most of our students land a cybersecurity job within 1 - 3 months of successful graduation.
  • Can I find a fully remote job after completing the training?
    Yes, the training prepares you for remote work opportunities. Many graduates have secured fully remote positions in cybersecurity after completing the program.
  • How does the 14-day guarantee work?
    At CyberVault, you can rest assured with our 14-day unconditional guarantee. Feel free to dive into our content and training worry-free. If you find yourself not completely satisfied, just contact us within the guarantee period and we'll refund your investment without any complications.
  • Do you offer online classes?
    Yes, all of our classes are offered 100% remote, but we also have an in person classroom setting available.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    Each class is recorded by the instructors and accessible for students in case they need to review it in the future.
  • Is this training suitable for teenagers?
    While the program is designed for adults, motivated teenagers may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact our team to discuss individual circumstances.
  • I'm 50 years old, can I handle this course?
    Absolutely! Our program is designed for individuals of all ages. Many students have successfully completed the course and transitioned to rewarding careers in cybersecurity, regardless of age.
  • I am a mother. Can I take this course?
    Certainly! Our program is designed to accommodate various lifestyles. We understand the challenges of being a parent, and the flexible schedule allows you to balance your studies with your responsibilities.
  • I work full-time. Can I manage this course?
    Yes, the program is designed to accommodate working professionals. The flexible schedule allows you to balance your full-time job with the coursework. Many of our successful graduates were working full-time during their training.
  • Is job placement guaranteed after completing the course?
    While we can't guarantee job placement, we provide extensive support, including interview preparation and LinkedIn profile building, to enhance your job-seeking prospects. Many of our graduates have successfully transitioned to cybersecurity roles.
  • Will advancements in artificial intelligence impact available job opportunities?
    The landscape of job opportunities in cybersecurity is evolving. Our program is designed to equip you with skills that are valuable in the face of technological advancements, ensuring you're well-prepared for the industry's changes.

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